Prompt: Shake it off
nymphadora tonks
polly_oliver wrote in w_cephalopod
Write something that includes these lines:

"He twisted his head sharply as if to shake off the images. The cords of his neck stood out. It hurt, a bit."

Prompt: fairy tale retellings
nymphadora tonks
polly_oliver wrote in w_cephalopod
Retell a fairy tale from the perspective of someone besides one of the main players.

Use one of these?
- Cinderella from the fairy godmother's point of view
- Beauty and the Beast from the father's perspective
- Little Red Riding Hood, as told by the woodsman


Retell a fairy tale (or other famous story) from the villain's point of view. Well-known example: Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Maybe they aren't villainous in their own minds.

Personal request: I'd like to hear about The Little Mermaid from the wicked sea-witch.


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